What We Offer

We maximize your marketing and sales initiatives, and reduce costs. We create efficiencies. There are many ways we help businesses achieve marketing and sales goals. A few of our staple services are: Workshops- Hands on training for all levels of need. Digital Marketing -Websites, social media management, email marketing, and more! Data-driven strategic marketing -Marketing plans designed to maximize your ROI. CMO Work-share! – We're a time share CMO! The best way to find out how we can help your business is to set up a time to talk through your needs and determine if we're a match. We offer a  free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose and ROI to gain! 



Access to our best consultants for any service we offer!

Choose your plan and adjust as you grow.

Become part of the modern workers inner circle means that you'll be the fast to market, without the ginormous costs of a traditional advertising, or IT agency.

You'll also have access to best practices from industry experts.

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Expand your digital reach

Expand your digital reach

Websites, social media management, newsletters, 3rd party review site management, banner ads, SEO, PPC and more! They're all part of our digital marketing service package options.

We offer three service options:

1. Workshops - Do it with me,
2. Setup - Do it for me then show me how to maintain it, or
3. Service - Do it for me: set it up and maintain it.

The best way to know how we can help your business is to set up a free initial consultation to talk through your needs and determine which service(s) best meet them.

Chief Marketing Officer Workshare

Chief Marketing Officer Workshare

Hire a CMO on an as-needed or ongoing part-time basis. We’re a time share CMO!

You only pay for the time you use.

We offer two contract options:

1. Monthly subscription for ongoing services - Our subscription option allows you to spread out your costs to help with cash-flow. You can mirror a part-time CMO on staff—but without the overhead of employee benefit and hiring costs.

Contact us to learn more about our subscription options.

2. Pay as you go - Purchase time as needed when you require the expertise and perspective of a 3rd party.



Go to market faster, cheaper, smarter.

Plan to Succeed Workshops Our workshops are led by highly experienced consultants who understand the needs and constraints of independent entrepreneurs or lean startups.

We work hands-on with you so that you end your session with ready to use tools, and the knowledge to do so. Participants are also given some freebies! Contact us anytime to learn more.

Ideal for any business that wants to avoid traditional advertising and marketing agency fees

1. Jump start your sales with the Jump Start Website Workshop
2. Boost your business with the Accelerate Workshop
3. Workshops for Teams & Groups

Data, Insights and Analytics

Not sure what you need? There’s just too much information to know what to do with it? Don’t even know where to start? Let our business analyst help with all those data and analytics needs such as;

Competitive Intelligence.
Information Analytics.
Data aggregation. Bringing all the data together in one place.
Digital Marketing Insights
Market Research.
User Experience and User Testing
Social Media Insights
Demographic Research.
Marketing Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
Business Analysis (interpret the data and put it into action).
Anything data, insights and analytics.

Business Operations

We improve business operations, and efficiencies. You’ll need to support the influx of activity created from the strategic marketing and sales plan.
We identify current gaps/opportunities in operations and recommend solutions. We develop a plan to support increased marketing and sales activity.


Project Management

Get it done! Execute in a timely, cost-effective manner
Launch the execution and implementation of the initiatives, until the project is complete or until you’re ready to maintain them on your own.

What our clients say

Brands that inspire a higher emotional intensity receive 3x as much word-of-mouth as less emotionally-connected brands. The same academic study also found that highly differentiated brands earn more positive word-of-mouth.


We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn. ~Mary Catherine Bateson

Mobile First Design and Strategy

When referring to mobile first design or strategy it is important remember that the approach refers to using the smallest device landscape and adjusting the design up and out as the screen landscape size gets bigger. However starting small, so to speak, then adding components as the screen size and orientation (landscape or portrait) changes is just a small part of mobile strategy. Read More

Forget the Funnel- Fill the Hour Glass

The marketing funnel is short sighted and forces sales people into wolves clothing.

If a marketing goal is ultimately  just sales, then every time you market- your target audience is reduced from millions of eyeballs to hundreds of buyers. Your sales people can only focus on that one sale for just that moment. Then they start all over  again and again using the same amount of time and money to acquire business. This turns turns sales person into a sales monster because they are always hungry and never satisfied. They can also damage a brand by becoming overly relentless and do whatever it takes to make the sale.

What if the goal is ultimately creating brand advocates? Buyer or not?

This approach changes how marketing and sales talks to people. This requires vision- not sight. Vision is to have faith and trust the path will land in the future or a distance that can not be seen.  Vision is like driving the golf ball off the tee and not seeing the hole. Sight is putting a short distance- you can see the hole. Some people understand that there are many factors that will make that golf ball land strategically near the hole, even when the hole can’t be seen.

Contact us and we can explain how the hour glass works.

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